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At first site, you might feel that the content related to certain topics given by us overlap each other. You might be hard put to understand how the topic of Computers/Internet can be studied in isolation when web design and development is also dependant on the Internet and to understand the working of one the other too has to be studied in detail. However, a small clarification and details of the contents of our site from our end will put to rest all such doubts.

Our blog site is actually about the various aspects of computers and all things related to it. We bring you blogs on the theoretical aspects of computer education along with various reference articles on the subject. At our site, you will also know about a lot of Internet enabled gadgets as well as hardware that is taking over the modern computing systems. Our goal is also to highlight the back-end issues related to websites – such topics as web design and development, creation of responsive sites and why they are important today and the various aspects of online digital marketing campaigns.

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This is the goal and objective that we have set out to achieve through our blog site.